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Development of Private Block Chain

WIZX Consulting consultancy is currently developing exclusive blockchain for one of our clients Scholar IT solutions Inc . which in return helps them develop WEB3 apps and solutions for their clients

Cloud Computing

We have helped ATLANTIS IT CONSULTING GROUP IN delivery of computing resources to its cleints — including storage, processing power, databases, networking, analytics, artificial intelligence, and software applications — over the internet (the cloud). By outsourcing these resources, companies can access the computational assets they need, when they need them, without needing to purchase and maintain a physical, on-premise IT infrastructure

CGI services

WIZX Consulting regularly provides cloud computing power for VFX and CGI services to one of our Client Solution Soft that helps them design 2d , 3d modelling videos and other live advertisement as well as animated videos for their clients.We host rendered files of MAYA 3D , UNREAL ENGINE , NUKE and ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS


WIZX Consulting regularly Provides HARDWARE , SOFTWARE and NETWORK support to one of our clients INFODRIVE SYSTEMS INC.. We provide all year round services and helping them maintain , monitor and trouble shoot all of their IT needs